Meet Dionne.


International Bestselling Author, Business Empowerment Coach, Speaker & Mentor

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You have a pulse, you have a purpose.

Dionne Greaves

Growing up, Dionne always wanted to have her own business and spent many years trying to figure out what was the one thing that she was not only good at but super passionate about. 

She was intent on becoming an entrepreneur and started several businesses including selling makeup, event planning, a babysitting service, and administrative writing service. She also became a business partner in a vision board company and online baby store.

After becoming a mom three years ago, Dionne was faced with the hardest decision she had to make as a mom - she had to go back to work and place her son in daycare. She felt cheated as if she should not have to choose but should be able to have the life on her own terms. 

Dionne made the decision there and then that it was time to create her own income options. Inspired by her son, she began toying around with several ideas including launching a baby clothing line for boys but nothing seemed like the right fit.

She had all but given up on starting her own business when she was asked to host a vision board party for a small group of persons who wanted to start businesses. The first event was a big success, highly impactful, and it was not before long Dionne's entrepreneurial fire was rekindled. 

Being motivated by this, Dionne decided that she wanted to help women, especially moms like herself achieve their goals. She strongly believe this was necessary because women put their entire lives on hold to further their education, pursue their careers, and build their family life.

In 2020 during the world's worst crisis to date, she successfully launched her Business Coaching and Mentorship program as well as her own Entrepreneurial Talkshow to highlight the success stories of Mompreneurs. 

She currently coaches corporate mompreneurs in an exclusive mentorship program specifically designed for women desirous of becoming authors, speakers, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

Dionne has been a featured guest on international podcasts, radio shows, and summits. She has since added Empowerment Speaker to her portfolio and International Bestselling Author to her many accolades. She is a Senior Level Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine and was listed among their top 500 Influential Leaders & Entrepreneurs across the globe in 2020 and 2021. 

Her personal mission is to help every woman show up boldly, authentically, and fiercely in the world so that they can live their best life without sacrificing the people and things they love.