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Dr. Dionne Greaves is the Creative Genius and Founder of The Mompreneur CEO. She is the #1 Global Empowerment Speaker, Entrepreneurship Transition Coach, and the Vice President of Jesus, Coffee and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC, and the Women Win Network.  


She is a 3x International Bestselling Author and has been listed as a 2x Honoree on the Brainz Global 500 List of Entrepreneurs & Influential Leaders and is also a recipient of the Brainz CREA award which celebrates top entrepreneurs, companies, business owners, thought-leaders, and celebrities who have used their initiative and creative vision to become true game-changers.

Dr. Greaves is an Official Member of For(bes) The Culture, an official platform of Forbes for Elite Black and Brown Professionals who are crushing glass ceilings and breaking down barriers for people of color. She is the Executive Producer & TV Show Host of The Mompreneur CEO Show which airs exclusively on the Women Win Network. She resides in the beautiful breathtaking Caribbean Island of Barbados with her husband and son.

Meet Dr. Dionne Greaves, The Mompreneur CEO


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Client Testimonials

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“I was missing the encouragement and support needed for my business but being a part of this community makes the journey easier. Dionne is fierce and firm - she keeps me on my toes - but she gets the job done and motivates me to level up in my life and my business.”

Kim Brewster 

Founder, HER Lifestyle Development Organization

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“Working with Dionne has brought healing, provides structure and inspires action. The community is safe, uplifting and inspirational - we can be our authentic selves - we share laughter, we share love, but we can be vulnerable and let the tears flow. That's not something you get with everybody. It's powerful, empowering and extraordinary.”

Tabitha Walls

Special Needs Advocate & Founder, Spark Your Fire 

Christal Christie.PNG

“During my time in the coaching program, I discover many things about myself that were holding me back from succeeding in my business. I got  tremendous breakthroughs working with Dionne and was able to make positive strides towards growth and development in my business. It feels like home. " 

Christal Christie
Founder, Sozo Luxury 

Lifestyle & Wellness Coach


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