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Dr. Dionne Greaves is the Creative Genius and Founder of The Mompreneur CEO. She is the #1 Global Empowerment Speaker, Business Elevation Strategist, and LUXE Retreat Curator you need to know!


She is a 7x #1 International Bestselling Author and has been listed as a 2x Honoree on the Brainz Global 500 List of Entrepreneurs & Influential Leaders and is also a recipient of the Brainz CREA award which celebrates top entrepreneurs, companies, business owners, thought-leaders, and celebrities who have used their initiative and creative vision to become true game-changers.

She resides in the beautiful breathtaking Caribbean Island of Barbados with her husband and son.

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What My Amazing Clients Have Said & Are Saying


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Physician Entrepreneur, Speaker & Transformation Coach

I don't know where to start because there are so many takeaways from my experience working with Dr, Dionne but she is an amazing coach who is exceptional at creating safe spaces, both virtually and in-person. I've personally spent time with her at her retreat, VIP week, and also when we met up in person to plan my luxury wellness retreat. She has been blessed with the gift of creating transformational spaces that transcend barriers and connect people from all walks of life. 


Communications Coach, Speaker & Travel Business Owner

Listen, I have worked with Dr. Dionne Greaves extensively and since working with her I have found my voice. I met her in person and she is everything she appears to be on social media and more. She is the person that pulls, pushes me, forces me to bigger than what I am. She is the person that prays for me, gives me a different perspective, and she is just everything you need her to be - she's just a firecracker. If you have a problem she's gonna solve it and I just love her so much!


Author, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, "Moach", Public Speaker

Since I became Dr. Dionne's coachee so many doors have been opening for me. I've been afforded amazing opportunites nationally and internationally. I have been in rooms that I would have never experienced if it was not for my coach Dr. D. She has provided great guidance and keeps me accountable to achieve everything I wanted to do. She is a leader who is invested in each of her clients and demonstrates it not only in her words but with her actions. 


Sales Executive, Brilliant Communicator & People Connector

Let me tell you about Dr. Dionne Greaves. She is a premier Business Coach and working with her has really improved my life. She is a genius, butt-kicker extrodinaire, super motivational and all-round awesome. Thanks to her encouragement for the first time ever in my career for the past seven year - I have hit my sales target. I also closed my first two sales in my business before launching my services - one was a paid in full client and the other is on a monthly retainer basis.


Gourmet Dessert Chef, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

From the very beginning Dr. Dionne has poured so much confidence,  knowledge and support into me. She has given me the confidence to delve into who I am, who I want to be and my the journey I want to create for myself. Honestly, Dr. Dionne is such a phenomenal woman, creating phenomenal clients and allowing us to grow and helping us to realize that we have the ability to create the successful paths that we want for ourselves is priceless.


Self-Care Advocate & Aspiring Entrepreneur 

It has been a life-changing experience that continues to impact my life on a dailiy basis. Dr. Dionne created an atmosphere where you always felt safe, welcomed and excited. The foundation that has been laid in the time that I have worked with makes it easier to navigate the challenges of building a business. The truth is I went to her for help with my business but I walked away with not just the knowledge, and understanding to excel in my business but to also excell in my life. It has been a valuable experience that I will never forget

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Marathoner, Independent All Around Health & Wellness Coach

Wow, what an incredible and all around amazing transforming experience! Dr. Dionne is a gift to whom God sends her way and so much more. She is committed to prayerfully seeking God's guidance and bringing forth fresh, innovative techniques. I went into her coaching programme seeking clarity and direction but walked away with wealth, freedom, insight and great transformation,

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Relationship Coach, Speaker &


Dr. Dionne helped me to tailor-make events to attract my audience, fine-tune my niche, detail the structure and pricing of my events to position myself properly infront of my ideal audience. Working with her has been a powerful and empowering experience. She provides personalized support in the execution of our goals, Her strategies are not only creative but innovative. 

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Mompreneur, Foster Care & Special Needs Advocate

Working with Dr. Dionne brought healing, provides structure and inspires action. Her community is safe, uplifting and inspirational - we can be our authentic selves - we share laughter, we share love, but we can be vulnerable and let the tears flow. That's not something you get with everybody. It's powerful, empowering and extraordinary.

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