The Truth About Empowered Women

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Now, let's be honest, I wasn't always that woman. Although people generally thought that my life was amazing and that I was crushing it, I was silently suffering.

I was crippled by a fear that seemed to dominate every single aspect of my life. Fear had a death grip on me so strong that I never thought it could be broken. I never once thought for a moment that I could be set free. But who knew?

No one. No one knew because...

I always had the answers,

I always had the solution,

I always had the strategy,

I have always been blessed with divine insight and supernatural wisdom that has proven me wise beyond my years. I was the one that everyone came to for encouragement, motivation, advice, strategy, and anything else you could think of.

Women old enough to be my mother would confide in me and seek advice on their marriage, career, and family life. I always had the right words or a unique remedy for every situation.

So, I silently suffered, too afraid to tell anyone

I silently suffered, too afraid to be vulnerable

I silently suffered, too afraid to be me.

When it came to empowering and motivating others I was exceptional, and truth be told I still am. But when it came to empowering and motivating myself, I was a hard taskmaster.

I was somewhat of a tyrant to myself.

I graded myself so harshly that I knew for sure at one point I didn't even love myself and because of this, I began to settle.

I settled for friendships that did not add value to me.

I settled for labels that did not reflect the best version of me.

I settled for jobs that brought nothing to the table except a salary.

I accepted this vicious cycle as life because I didn't feel empowered.

I accepted less because I wasn't empowered to accept the best.

I had a tough exterior but on the inside, I was completely powerless and torn.

Are you the woman who is crippled by fear which seems to be taking over every aspect of your life?

Are you the woman who does not feel empowered to demand more of life because you don't feel deserving of it?

Are you the woman who has a tough-as-nails exterior and feels powerless even though everyone thinks you are strong?

If this is you, know that within you lies a woman who is empowered, a woman who is bold, a woman who is unstoppable and can do anything.

An empowered woman is truly unstoppable.

She first empowers herself then empowers others.

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