Embrace Your Flaws & Fear Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

When I look back at all the things I've been able to overcome during this short period in my life, I am truly amazed.

I'm amazed because some of the challenges that I thought I could never overcome are but a distant memory. Looking at where I am now, in retrospect, I can hardly believe that I was in such a dark place to let these challenges overpower me. I don't look back with regret, but with much appreciation of the lessons, I have learned.

Today's story is short and to the point so here we go...

The Empowered Woman embraces her flaws (ALL of them). Living this out daily has been transformative for me and I'm so proud of the woman I've become.

I remember the days of nitpicking at myself in the mirror and finding fault, after fault and feeling more depressed by the moment. I'd look at my eyes and say they're too small, I'd look at my lips and feel insecure about how they were shaped, I'd look at my face and wished it was different. Those were some of the worst days of my life.

I never wanted to leave home.

And I would never be excited about taking photos because of the skin issues I was facing.

I remember distinctly, the last time this happened. That day, I was having a major allergic reaction on my face and I did not want to leave home but had no choice. I was with my son and this lady just kept staring at me. I had already acknowledged her presence and figured she wanted my son to also greet her so I told him to say good evening. He said good evening and this was her response: "Good evening? I ain't want no good evening. I want to know what happened to your face."

I was struck.

The tone in her voice caught me off guard and the look of disgust on her face shocked me. Little did she know that I was struggling long and hard with my face. Little did she know that if I so much as passed and the wind blew dust in my face, I could get allergic reactions on my face. Little did she know...

I was going to respond.

I was going to explain,

Then I stopped.

I said to myself, "You don't owe her any explanation. You don't owe her anything. She does not know you - her opinion is exactly that and it does not matter. It only matters if you let it matter."

Then as I looked at her closely, I had another epiphany and said to myself, "She is criticizing your face but seemingly unaware of the condition of hers."

Now, by all rights, I could've given her tic for tac but I took the high road and decided to put her on ignore. The truth is if I had a mirror I'd ask her to do a comparison and see which face (between hers and mine) looked better.

I started to laugh.

I laughed so hard that she stopped talking and looked at me in shock. She couldn't believe my response, hell I couldn't believe my response. Quite frankly, I shocked my own self with that response because here she was prattling off about my face and I just burst out laughing. And knowing me, before I erupted in laughter my the expression on my face while I was thinking it through probably said it all.

That was the last day that she or anyone else had the power to speak about my face because I took my power back!

No longer was anybody having that kind of power over me. I owned my face. Embracing my fears and overcoming that was a huge turning point for me that empowered me to own every other flaw in my body. My face is mine, my body is mine and I love it!

Shortly after that, I started to show up more confidently.

I became bold and felt empowered because I had reclaimed my power.

Maybe you are reading this and feeling a wealth of emotion flowing through your body because you are faced with many insecurities about your self-image.

Maybe you are reading this and the thoughts that you could never get this done are running swiftly through your head.

Am I telling you it was easy? No, indeed not!

But I am telling you it is possible.

It is possible to live life as The Empowered Woman you were meant to be because within you lies the ability to be empowered.

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