Is Believing In Yourself Even Possible?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The ability to believe in oneself is grossly underrated and is indeed nothing short of our greatest strengths.

I remember many years ago, wanting to start a business but couldn't exactly figure out what I wanted. I eventually wanted to be a daycare owner after a brief stint as a volunteer preschool teacher and private governess. I launched out with business partners who were too afraid to take a risk and eventually decided not to move forward with the idea.

A few years later, I started an event planning business, offered desktop publishing and administrative writing services at various intervals and even sold baked goods. I wanted to do so many things because I'm a serial entrepreneur at heart and was never afraid of taking risks🥰.

During the course of many years people would come to me for input on their plans, or to share their dreams, and I'd be happy to cheer them on. I'd be happy to support them by injecting my genius to take their idea from "blah" to "oh yeah" in a couple of minutes. I was always generous in sharing my unique ideas to make a difference.

I also remember having many ideas for my own business and sharing them with people that I thought cared about me and would have my back, only to have my hopes crushed and my dreams killed. Whenever it came to my ideas, they were all thrown into the trash.

I'd be super excited to share but the conversation would always end like this...

Are you sure you can do this?

I don't think it will really work...

You don't have the right qualifications.

You don't have the money.

So for many years, I stopped talking about my dreams, I even stopped thinking about them.

I remember about three maybe four years prior to me starting my coaching business, a friend came to me with an idea. It wasn't even a business yet and I said to her, here's how you can make this happen. This is how it can evolve and make the money to give you the freedom to live your life.

I gave her a blueprint, and we went away with a plan for us to partner in business. She was over the moon about it but a few days later she had an epiphany and decided that she didn't want me to share in the profits but it would be best to just pay me a flat fee that she would decide on.

This hit me for six (if you know about cricket, you know what I mean)

I was like "what the heck" 😳

Now the original agreement was that she would get the larger percentage of the profits. I would do the event planning, I would host and promote the event and handle all the logistical work so that she could show up and deliver.

I said to her "How could you pay me a flat fee? You don't even know the value of the expertise I am bringing to the table so how could you make a decision on what fee to pay me?"

My mind mind was severely blown🤯🤯🤯

Many times we find ourselves first looking outwardly for others to believe in us before we dare to believe in ourselves. We secretly want them to be the first to believe in our dreams and aspirations even before we do.

We seek that outward validation as a means of permission for us to take the next steps and find ourselves stuck, waiting for others to validate our mission. We are then afraid to move because the same people we were seeking validation from end up quenching our fire.

Now stick a pin...

When God called you, He validated YOU.

When God called you, it wasn't a conference call!

No one is supposed to understand your call because it's yours.

And it is your responsibility to answer that call even if no one else thinks you can.

Now, I'm not saying to you that I'm some magical guru and I have all the answers.

But I'm saying that I watched so many people kill my dreams and I let so many unpopular opinions have a say in my life that I made a decision that I won't do anything and remained dormant for a few years.

When we seek that outward validation we end up feeling frustrated and unworthy of our purpose because the discouragement (and in some extreme cases jealousy) is real.

So when I started my coaching business, I initially wanted to partner with someone because I'm the kind of person who likes to help other people. But the Lord said to me "No, you're going to do this on your own, you're going to step out and you're going to do this." And that's exactly what I did.

So from then till now...

I've been doing it, I've been crushing it.

I became an empowered woman who shows up boldly and confidently daily.

I have embraced fierceness and became the embodiment of authenticity.

I am now confident believing in myself and validating the call of God on my life.

I have become unstoppable in the passionate pursuit of my purpose.

Yes, I've collaborated with others.

Yes, I've shared my ideas,

And yes, I've helped people.

But I'm standing on my own to build my business, with God's help, and the investment of those who have trusted me with their journey. If you are ready to crush the unpopular opinion of people in your life and to give yourself the final say on what you do I challenge you to take a stand for yourself.

Do not let the unpopular opinion of a few people stop you from launching out now. Believe in God, believe in yourself, trust the vision and you will live your best life. Just as there may be people out there waiting for you to fail and fall flat on your face, there are people waiting on you to get started.

So launch out, your ideal clients will value what you have to offer.

And trust me, you'll thank yourself later.

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