I Was Born to Do This

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I am not afraid, I was born to do this!

The truth is, I didn't always feel like this. I spent so many years running from my purpose but it was inevitable and somehow it caught up with me.

For many years I ran (or tried to) as far away as I could from the very thing I was destined to do. I ended up investing lots of time and money in pursuit of dreams and goals that were not created for me.

They were not the right fit. And because they were not the right fit, they caused me lots of pain, lots of time, and lots of money even though I've learnt many lessons along the way.

One of the things that have come to understand is that the thing that I was created to do is what invigorates me. This is purpose.

The thing that I was created to do, gives me life.

The thing that I was created to do, excites me.

The thing that I was created to do, stirs up passion.

And passion combined with purpose is a lethal combination...

So when I look at this quote today it sums up exactly what I feel when I think about my purpose. I no longer fear my purpose but I embrace it.

I embrace it because I understand that I was born and created for this because I am fully equipped to function well within and beyond the capacity of what I think I can do.

Pursuing my purpose enables me to enjoy the life most people only dream of. So today if you are sitting on the fence; if you are running away from your purpose or are afraid to make a change...

Now is the time for you to get up and pursue the thing you were created to do. Now is the time for you to kick fear in the butt - BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN TO DO THIS!

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