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About the Event

Success is only as good as the people you have been privileged to empower along the way - Dionne Greaves, The Mompreneur CEO

Empower Her Conference is an exclusive premium encounter that connects women from across the globe so that they can be edified, equipped, and empowered to live their best lives with boldness and confidence.

From the stage to the audience, women all across the globe will be empowered to live their life's dreams centerstage and inspired to live life out loud and unapologetically as they discover the power of walking in their purpose.

Women will walk away from this experience EMPOWERED TO WIN in every aspect of their lives, including their businesses, finances, families, and career.

As an attendee, you will be EMPOWERED TO LIVE your BEST, BLESSED life with and thrive confidently in your authenticity.

You will leave this conference equipped with the knowledge to:

  • ​build, launch and monetize a business using your own knowledge skills, and expertise;

  • establish a brand presence that attracts the right global opportunities;   

  • increase visibility and build credibility for your business through speaking engagements, writing books, and good public relations (PR);

  • effectively leverage your finances so you can create the life of your dreams and enjoy unlimited freedom; 

This year's event is being hosted by:
Dr. Dionne Greaves, The Mompreneur CEO


Empower Her Conference 2022 - Dr. Dionne Greaves, The Mompreneur CEO with Keynote Speaker Dr. Nakita Davis of Atlanta, Georgia and guest attendees at Accra Beach Hotel & Resort, Barbados.



Who Are We
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